Physical Storage

physical_storageVitalScan® offers offsite record storage, open-file record storage, climate controlled storage, vaulting services for electronic media backups, destruction services including mobile shredding, imaging services including microfilm, records inventorying/indexing services, and packing services on-site at the customer’s location.

VitalScan® is known for its willingness to customize an information management program to fit each customer’s needs and providing first rate facilities, security and services to our customers. With VitalScan®’s customized software, VitalTrac, and its related web module, VitalWeb, VitalScan® is able to provide customized software to our clients including reporting, department/division hierarchy, retention scheduling, invoicing, data fields, etc. VitalScan®’s philosophy is to mold to the customer’s needs and preferences rather than forcing the customer to accept one style and only one style of records program.