Document Scanning

VitalScan® can provide scanning and conversion services in all of our branch offices. These services include:

  • Scanning of paper documents to digital media
  • Conversion of microfilm into electronic images
  • Conversion of electronic images onto microfilm
  • X-ray scanning
  • Conversion of any document to PDF or TIFF formats
  • Conversion of proprietary formation to non-proprietary formats
  • Book and ledger scanning
  • Conversion of aperture cards to electronic images

VitalScan® utilizes awarding winning scanning technologies to make sure that critical documents can be viewed in any format that the customer needs them to be viewed in. VitalScan®  also has the capability to provide onsite scanning and imaging services for companies that have critical documents that can’t leave the premises.

Contact us for more information about how VitalScan® can convert your existing filing cabinets into searchable electronic images.