Product Information

Vertical Carousels

Lektriever Saves Valuable Floor Space and Revolves to bring the media to the user – eliminating or reducing non-essential operator movement: saving time, increasing productivity, reducing misfiles and errors.

And, because automated Lektriever packs the cube from floor to ceiling to provide more density of media in a smaller footprint, they reduce operator travel between storage units, and save Space!

Managing Files with Software and the LektrieverLektriever with Computer Control: Lektriever are easily interfaced with computers. With computer control, the operator simply searches the database for the desired records and presses Enter. Lektrievers rotate to the first level, and a light flashes to show the position of the selected media. The process continues until all references, refiles are done!

All these factors add up to:

  • A workarea Completmented with Lektriever 2000 filingFaster Retrieval
  • Increased Productivity
  • Less Fatigue
  • Reduced Errors
  • Less Employee Turnover
  • Opportunities for the Physically Impaired
Vertical Carousels