A History of Excellence Outfitting Technology-intensive Workspaces

At Wright Line we appreciate and understand the impact of technology in the workplace. Our four-dimensional approach to integrating people, technology, space, and workflow has helped thousands of organizations optimize their workspaces. Technology is expanding its reach inside organizations as new applications arrive, bringing new solutions and new ways of working. As use of computers and other technical equipment grows, achieving the right combination of people, technology, space, workflow and ergonomics becomes an increasingly difficult challenge.

The Four-Dimensional Approach to the Technology-intensive Environment

The particulars of each technology-intensive environment are unique; however, our experience has shown that the same basic challenges are common to all technology-intensive environment. At Wright Line, we look at these challenges in four categories: people, technology, space and workflow.

  • People: The technology-intensive environment requires furniture systems that accommodate your employees in a way that facilitates safety, comfort, ergonomics, and multiple users.
  • Technology: With the latest technology come the issues of mounting and housing multiple flat panel display (FPD) monitors, power and data cables and supplies, thermal management equipment and in some cases the integration of gas, water and other services right at the workstation.
  • Space: Limited and expensive square footage creates the challenge of accommodating equipment, people and supplies in high-density, “shared-footprint” work environments while allowing for upgrades and frequent equipment changeover as needs and technologies evolve.
  • Workflow: Users in technology-intensive environment need quick and easy access to equipment, tools and services. The right combination and access for computers, technical equipment and instrumentation is essential for an efficient workflow.

Using this four-dimensional framework, Wright Line has helped thousands of organizations design and outfit their technology-intensive environment to achieve the optimal configuration of people, technology, space and workflow.

Whether it’s furniture for your offices or server enclosures and racks for your data center; workbenches for laboratories or consoles for your network operations center or emergency dispatch department, Wright Line has earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products for space-effective work environments.

Our focus on efficiency and ergonomics is unrivaled while our limited lifetime warranty on all Wright Line manufactured products is the hallmark of our commitment to superior workmanship. Please take some time to peruse this site and you will come to understand why Wright Line leads the way in technology-intensive environments.