About VitalScan®

Our History

VitalScan® is a member of the Vital Records Control (“VRC”) family of companies. VitalScan® is the culmination and combination of Document Storage Solutions and Mississippi Filing Systems, two of the largest document conversion and management companies in the southeast. The goal of this partnership was to provide document management technologies to major markets where Vital Records Control already has an established location in the records storage industry.

VitalScan® specializes in customized solutions for Enterprise Content Management technologies, filing systems, format conversions, software installations, and onsite consultations to a growing list of customers across the United States. VitalScan® has the ability to turn what might seem to be a records nightmare into an efficient and productive working environment that can lead to an increase in revenue and a decrease in operating costs over a given period of time.

With a combined 51 years in operation and serving dozens of major markets, VitalScan® is at the forefront of the records management industry. Please email or call us for information regarding how VitalScan® can improve your workflow and make your company’s information safe, scalable, and secure.